Verne, northern waters

Jules Verne and the northern waters
‘pas de bon voyage sans un bout de navigation’
[any journey worthy of the name involves a degree of sailing]  

An essay about the ‘nautical side’ of Jules Verne is written for the German magazine Nautilus, and the Kiel event, commemorating Verne’s journeys to the north, in 1861 and 1881. In -81 Verne sailed on his own yacht, the «St.Michel III» through the Kiel/Eider kanal.

The essay comments Verne’s affection for sailing in general, his visit to Norway in 1861,  and his important work about the polar expedition of Captain Hatteras, which may have inspired polar explorers like the Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen.

The German Jules Verne Club, and the Machinenmuseum in Kiel put together an event on June 14/15 2014, with exhibition and lectures. Well in time for this, in Nautilus Magazine, May 2014, the first part  (Teil 1) of a translated and edited version of the above mentioned article was printed in German.

The complete essay, in full length version in English, is available here .

Version auf Deutsch:
During the Kiel event, also the 2nd part of the article in German can be downloaded here:
Full length (teil 1 + teil 2)   version in German].
Verne quotations appear in French. Som translated ‘key’-sentences are included in English.
[Regarding Hatteras; they originate from online novel at: www.
Regarding ‘Joyeuses Misères’, from W. Butcher’s 2011 translation of the text,
published online at;]
Verne quotations from 1861-diary, are transcribed by Volker Dehs.
P.J.Moe, February/June , 2014. Flyer_Kiel.
The visiting replica of Verne’s second Yacht, the St.Michel II was  a highlight of the event:

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