Celebration Copenhagen

The Jules Verne Society gathered in Copenhagen
August 5 – 2011

– to commemorate  the author´s days in the Danish capital
150 years before.

The party first climbed Vor Frelsers kirke, on Christianshavn, as this site was visited by the author in August 1861 – and 3 years later included in the novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
Prof. Lidenbrock brought his nephew Axel, up in the tower, to get ‘height’ training, before descending the inner walls of the Islandic volcano, Snefells.

After the 2011 -climbing of  Vor Frelsers kirke, the party was guided through the historic, central Copenhagen by Lejf Rasmussen. A special illustrated paper, working as a ‘guide book’ for the walk, was prepared by Bjørn Larsen. This historic content had masterfully been made available during the last weeks in advance of this event , on the Scandinavian Jules Verne Portal.

In connection to the volcanic theme, society member and participant at the event; Henning Andersen held a lecture about Volcanoes and Verne´s books.
This took place in the lobby of Hotel Phønix, the very same hotel Jules Verne stayed  during his 1861 visit.


At 90 mtrs – the outside stairs of Vor Frelsers kirke:

See video:





In the evening, Selskabet had dinner for interesting debates, on Verne related subjects, at the magnificent, ‘Den Sorte Diamant’
[The black diamond’] – a modern building added to the historic Royal Library of Copenhagen.

This cultural center also include a nice restaurant, called ‘Søren K’
[after The famous Danish filosopher S. Kierkegaard]

The architect of the building, while naming his futuristic work, may have had Verne´s Scotland -novel in mind
– but probably not these gentlemen, or ‘Black Diamonds’, as they just as well might have been baptized for the occasion.
[I came to thing of my own copy of this Verne paperback,
when I first saw the building where we were about to dine – PJM 😉 ]

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  1. Hi,

    juste browsing the last events you kindly present here in English – wonderfull! Unfortunately I was not able to participate in Copenhagen…

    Any news about the Expedition Barsac – publication?

    All the best


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