Jules Verne travel details, Scandinavian journey 1861
One of the sources for this list is the Verne -diary
at Bibliothèque municipale d’Amiens, JV MS 12.
– Many thanks to Volker Dehs on help in transcribing.
-some keywords are clickable image/video links-

Date, day City Transport Notes
2 Tuesday
dep. Paris
3Wednesday arr. Hamburg
5 Friday arr. Lübeck Train Hotel Europa
6 Saturday arr. Ystad Steamer «Svea» stay. overnight
7 Sunday passing Karlskrona going through Kalmarsund(strait)
arr. Stockholm(evening)
Steamer «Svea» Staying at
Hotel Rydberg
in Stockholm
8 Monday Stockholm promenade
9 Tuesday Stockholm Comedy theatre, “Dale-karlene”
10 Wednesday Stockholm
11 Thursday Stockholm
12 Friday Stockholm
13 Saturday Stockholm
14 Sunday
dep. Stockholm
15 Monday Motala Canal-boat (?)
16 Tuesday arr.Töreboda
stop at train station. passing village; Sjötorp and lake Vänern
Canal-boat During night passing the canal´s highest point –
308 feet (?)
17 Wednesday arr. Göteborg Canal-boat Hotel “Götakanal”(?)
18 Thursday 06.00 dep. Göteborg, Sweden – 17.00
arr. Stavern, Norway
paddle steamer «Viken»
– Going inshore up Oslo-fjord, westside, on the way calling at: Larvik, Horten, Vallø, Moss, Drøbak
11 hours,
95 Nautic.miles
=> 8,5 knots
19 Friday 02.30 arr. Oslo. evening:
Chri.Theatre: Donizetti: “Lucie Lammermoor”
transfer to
Hotel du Nord
20 Saturday Oslo Visiting doctor, getting invitation for next day)
[see page 11 Joyeuses misère] [C.W.Boeck ?]
21 Sunday Oslo – Eidsvoll
near lake Mjøsa  return to hotel, Oslo
Train: Eidsvoll-banen – seeing (sailing?) paddle steamer: «Dronningen» Visiting Doctor
at country-home, conversation
with a doctor & a Professor (?)
22 Monday Oslo Seeing Mr. Bennett (wagons) Visiting Dr. Boek at his hospital
[Carl Wilhelm Boeck (?)]
23 Tuesday arr. Sandvika -fjord (just outside Oslo) Steam sloop «Josephine»
24 Wednesday dep. Sandvika
at 14.00
(along fjord)
arr. Drammen 19.00
Dep. after dinner(?)
at 20.30 –
arr. Hokksund
at 23.00 (continuing right away)
If travelling on the fjord:
then most likely with paddle steamer
— leaving on ‘Kariol’/horse
Dining at hotel Scandinavie, Drammen. [Kiøsteruds hotel]
25 Thursday arr.Kongsberg 02.00 Kariol/horse Dame/widow Inger Kristine Hansen´s Privat-Hotel — waiting for horses, seeing waterfall
26 Friday dep. Kongsberg 06.30  arr. Tinnes, Notodden at12.30
passing Listhus
and Bamble
at Heddal valley –
arr. Tinnoset
south end lake Tinn
at 20.00
Kariol Early lunch at “un auberge fort propre”: ‘Kobbervollane’, Meheia (?) [see videoclip] –
stopping 4 hours at ‘Heddal Stavkirke’ [medieval wooden church]
27 Saturday dep. Tinnoset 06.00 arr.Håkaneset (cape, with big farm) at 10.00 – waiting for Horses
at hamlet Mael
arr. Dale guesthouse
at 15.15
Row boat, almost the full length of Lake Tinn

Kariol / horse
[PJM: rowing lake Tinn in 4 hours sounds impossible]
28 Sunday Sightseeing Vestfjorddalen (Rjukan)
with river Maana
Seeing the river Maana, the waterfall: ‘Rjukanfossen’ and the tiny Church. [west-fjord-valley]
29 Monday Mount Gausta Up early, crossing the river Maana twice, ascending the mount Gausta, starting at 07.30
30 Tuesday dep. Dale at 07.30 Kariol /horse apparently
travelling on, the whole night
31 Wednesday via Listhus
at Heddal valley (05.50)
arr. Hokksund
at 17.30 –
arr. Drammen
at 20.30
Kariol /horse From 31 – 1; staying the night at Hotel Scandinavie, Drammen ?
1 Thursday
dep. Drammen 08.00
arr. Oslo 14.00 –
via Kongeveien + Paradis-bakkene
Diligence, the ‘Alliance’ [the ‘Kingroad’ via the Paradise hills]
in Lier outside Drammen – see videoclip
Checking in at Hotel du Nord, Oslo?
[see News Clip]
2 Friday Morning promenade Oslo evening: ‘Klingenberg Theatre & garden’ lady café-singers doing Offenbach
3 Saturday dep. Oslo
06.00 ?
paddle steamer «Kronprindsesse Louise» [image] Steamship «Viken» is not able to leave (?)
4 Sunday passing Helsingør at 05.15
arr. Copenhagen
at 07.00
Hotel Phönix
[see «JV-Portalen«]
5 Monday Promenade Copenhagen seeing Vor Frelsers kirke+ Tivoli
6 Tuesday arr. Korsør
at 22.00
dep.at 22.30

leaving on Steamer «Hermod»
7 Wednesday Return via Kiel
8 Thursday Back in Paris

Hand-drawings in the Verne diary from Scandinavia
Many vernians have been wondering about a castle like building in a very nice drawing made by the author,  which have appeared several places on the internet. This illustration was also used on the frontcover, when the French magazine GEO published the manuscript of Joyeuses Misères de trois voyageurs en Scandinavie in 2003. After some investigation I finally found out which.
As can be seen in my presentation, the hand drawing apparently is one of the very first buildings that Verne saw when entering the inner parts of the Swedish archipelago. In his diary he has drawn The ‘Kastellet’ on ‘Kastell-holmen’ island, while entering Stockholm harbour.
See the other Verne-drawings from Scandinavia here

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