Celebration Edinburgh

[no 150 yrs aniversary as such, but an important event in 2011 anyway]

Book launch at the
Edinburgh International Bookfestival
August 17 – 2011

Dr. Ian Thompson presented his new book:
Jules Verne´s Scotland, in Fact and Fiction

Congratulations to Ian !
His new book; Jules Verne´s  Scotland, in Fact and Fiction
– was launched and presented at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, on the 17th of Aug. 2011
I had the pleasure of being present when Ian held his presentation and was interviewed on stage, at a theatre in beautiful Charlotte Square gardens.

This event was chaired by Nat Edwards, director of the Robert Burns Museum, who gave Ian Thompson an insightful introduction and a very good review of the new book on Jules Verne and Scotland.
The one hour event, which was attended by quite a crowd, was followed up by many questions from interested book readers. Afterwards they lined up in the nearby book tent to get their copy signed.
I can recommend my fellow Vernians to take a trip to Edinburgh, which has several Verne -links. Ian very kindly toured me around most of them after the book event. So, among other sites, now I know where M. Antifer met Tyrcomel (!).
(Very early the same morning, I had my morning coffee rereading some pages of Backwards to Britain (that I had brought along), and at the same time to be able to see out of the window, what Verne described  – amazing).
Thank you very much Ian, for writing this highly interesting book – which I already have dived into. It is fascinating and well written.
I really am looking forward to reading it in regular pace.
– Per Johan


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